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3xP' CJ | Bunnyhop of the Week | Episode 40

Hello my booys,
This time we got our boy Noobaim doing the BOTW.
Pls let him know what you think of it in the comments.

This week’s episode starring:

3xP' Kenedko
3xP' Dexter
3xP' Skazy

Maps and ways:

mp_descent (Hard)
mp_palm_v2 (Hard)
mp_mushroom (Fungal Hazard)

Edited by 3xP' Noobaim

All jumps performed on normal settings (NON-OS).

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Major Lazer - Be Together feat. Wild Belle (Vanic Remix)

Best regards,

3xP' CJ-Team

Fr33g !t

03.08.2015 01:08