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mp_atlantis Walkthrough

Good Evening.
We are finally presenting you mp_atlantis by BUSH1DO

Get ready for your advanture in the sunken island of Atlantis.
Beware of traps and watch out for secrets.

We wish all of you guys a long-lasting fun on mp_atlantis


Jumps and edit by 3xP' Drizzjeh

All jumps perfomend on legit settings (NON-OS)

Join our 3xP' Codjumper Team, more Info here:

Jester Kyd - Phantasm
Audiomachine - The last immortal
Audiomachine - Phoenix Rising
Marc Petrie - Surpass
Sonic Symphonic - Welcome To Babylon (Ivan_Torrent)

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This video is completely non-profit.

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03.08.2015 01:08