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mp_bouncebuilder 2.0 | Our CoDJumper Mapping Tool

mp_bouncebuilder is a tool especially made for CoDJumper mappers, it allows you to increase the phase of building new jumps and testing them by 500% or more. You can build jumps live ingame with a given preset of bounces and platforms afterwards you can test them with your friends in the same session. When you are finished with building and testing you can export them out of Call of duty 4 into your config_mp and convert it with a script made by Iznogod from Jumpersheaven. This project improves the workflow of mapbuilders significantly. Check out or complete step by step tutorial if u want to get used to it.

We updated this Version of mp_bouncebuilder to Version 2.0, it supplys way more bounces and platforms and some very small updates in the logic.

You find more Info about bouncebuilder here

We hope you enjoy and try the map out.
If you have questions concerning mp_bouncebuilder or mapping in general, feel free to ask us.
A big thank you goes to Fr33git for spending alot of time with creating the script for mp_bouncebuilder.
Best Regards,
Viruz and ZeeZ


20.11.2015 05:11