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3xp_movie | Our Cod4 Cinematic Mod

3xp_movie is a Mod made by 3xP' Fr33git and 3xP' Viruz. You can set multiple positions which will be calculated into a camerapath which can be smothly played. It uses a cubic spline instead the the bezier spline curve from the well known cinematic mod codtvmm, with this new curve type you can create way more accurate and longer camera paths then in codtvmm. Additionaly 3xp_movie features new addons like bot path recording, multiplayer support, improved workflow and reduced the number of needed multiple clients to get a smooth recording. It supports common cj features like save and load position and the path effect is finnaly visible out of the 32000u^3 box around the map origin. Check out our Video about it for more information.


11.10.2016 06:10