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Fix for .ff Compiling Error

This is a fixed Version of linker_pc.exe which fixes the often randomly appearing "g_Stream out of memory" Error while compiling the Fastfiles of a map.

Repalce the linker_pc.exe in the bin directory of your Modtools, however most Antivirusses will detect this file as a virus, as its from an unofficial source.

You probably need to deactivate your Antivirus to download this file, and afterwards add the bin directory of your Modtools to exeptions, to prevent your Antivirus from blocking this File.


I (3xP' Viruz) use this linker_pc.exe and confirm you that its not a virus.

Thanks alot to T-Max, one of the main developers of Cod4x, for providing disposal of this Fix.

Check our THIS LINK to check the source code of this File and to Report Issues you run into.


06.06.2017 09:06