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FPS for Spectator and otherthings for 3xP' Codjumper

New Features in 3xP-Codjumper

With the introducing of the 3xP' Codjumper Team we will be adding a lot of features,

At first The CJ-Teammember (VIP's) & CJ-Lead (Soviets) will have acces to the new UFO-Script and the new Teleport-Script.

Then we get custom rank icons for CJ-Teammember (VIP), for CJ-Lead (Soviet) & for Normal Players.


We added other Skins for AdminDeagle & GravityGun

We added a Burning trace for the CJ-Lead (Soviets)

Make sure u set drawfx to green to see the fire trace!

Wa added the very helpfull function to see the FPS of a player while you Spectate him


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05.10.2014 05:10