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3xP' Codjumper

CoDJumper is a unique movement-based Community.
The goal of almost every map is to get to the end using CoD4 physics.
You have to use different FPS in different combinations to gain extreme heights or distances.
It may sound simple but once you're in a certain skilllevel you'll realize,
that theres no skillcap unlike on many other movement games.

- Gameplay -

Maps are chosen by the players on the server and have a 45 minutes time limit.
At the beginning of each map you normally have the option to chose between
an easy way, intermediate way and hard/advanced way.
Each map is quite unique and you have to perform every jump to get to the end.
Once you finished one way you can then proceed with the next way which is harder.
Just remember 2 things: It wont happen in some days and even the best players fail.
Theres also a important thing about maps. They all have different difficulties.
That means being able to finish hard/advanced on some map doesnt imply that this applies for any map.
Infact there is a difficulty rating list of nearly all famous maps, which you can find here:

- Features of the 3xP' Codjumper Server -

Often you're are not able to do finish some maps on your own, so you need help by fellow players.
Normally you spectate the person who helps you and try to imitate the movements.
Thats actually much harder than it sounds.
For CJ everything matters: Keys and their timing, FPS-Switches and their timing and the angle you look at.
Not to mention the the point where you hit the bounce and the RPG-Timing (miliseconds matter).
Explaining that to beginners often turns out to be a hard and long process.
For that purpose we implemented a FPS and WASD overlay for spectators.
Now everyone can see what the person, they want to see something from, is actually doing.
In the bottom middle we added a unit/second overlay featuring current velocity and highest velocity you had in your last try.
One can use this to see if you gained more speed than last time and figure out why.
Players are now able to see who spectates them.
That eases up the process of knowing if the person which you are trying to show something to, is already spectating you.
People who prefer can now chose between 80,90 and 96 field of view with !fov x, where x is the angle.

In rare cases some people have the need to jump between older and newer saves.
For example to show some a technique to players at a jump in the middle of the map.
Writing !load x in the console, where x is the savenumber, allows you to go through your savehistory.

- GameServerManager Commands -

  • !load x
  • !fov 80, 90, 96
  • !nm !nexmap
  • !movespeed
  • !rp !restoreposition

- Mod Features -

  • WASD hud
  • FPS spec hud
  • Fov changing
  • Fullbright
  • Restore position after disconnect
  • Newbie helpmenu
  • Promod tweaks
  • Fast seload and silent RPG
  • Up to 500 Savepoints

- Server Ranks -

- Normal players -

They have the icon of a silver star.
They have no further rights except the normal voting ones.

- VIP aka CJ-Member -


They have following rights:

-They have the admin deagle.
-They can use the !tpto & !tphere Command.
-They can use the Gravity Gun.
-They can use UFO/NOCLIP.
-They can pick up people and move them.
-They can enable a fire trace following them.
-They have kick and ban permissions.

- Soviet aka CJ-Leader -


The CJLead are the founders of the 3xP' CJ-Team, who came up with the idea quite a while ago and build up and manage the server and its features.
They have all rights of VIP + additional:

-They have access to the admin menu
-They can cancel/force votes
-They can activate a fire trail

- Map rotation -

  •  map mp_planets
  •  map mp_descent
  •  map mp_shade
  •  map mp_descent_v2
  •  map mp_mushroom
  •  map mp_mystic_v3
  •  map mp_to_the_moon
  •  map mp_to_the_moon_v2
  •  map mp_mystic_v2
  •  map mp_dawn_v2
  •  map mp_palm
  •  map mp_chance
  •  map mp_blue2
  •  map mp_legacy
  •  map mp_mystic
  •  map mp_palm_v2
  •  map mp_planets_v2
  •  map mp_sphere
  •  map mp_dawn
  •  map mp_galaxy
  •  map mp_dependence
  •  map mp_qube_v2
  •  map mp_colour
  •  map mp_marble
  •  map mp_eb_bouncer1
  •  map mp_heaven
  •  map mp_scarlet_citadel
  •  map mp_restyled
  •  map mp_fly
  •  map mp_space
  •  map mp_heaven_v2
  •  map mp_eb_bouncer1
  •  map mp_ib_glass_v3
  •  map mp_craft_v1
  •  map mp_devine
  •  map mp_cave
  •  map mp_heaven_v3
  •  map mp_dark_v2
  •  map mp_on_the_sky
  •  map mp_skyline
  •  map mp_pizzahut_v2
  •  map mp_pfx_evacuate
  •  map mp_mody
  •  map mp_mayan_ruins
  •  map mp_the_extreme
  •  map mp_destroyed
  •  map mp_territory
  •  map mp_il_jump
  •  map mp_futurama
  •  map mp_pizzahut
  •  map mp_blu3
  •  map mp_bone
  •  map mp_dark
  •  map mp_evacuate_v2
  •  map mp_islands
  •  map mp_mars
  •  map mp_dark_v3
  •  map mp_architektur
  •  map mp_sunset
  •  map mp_nevada
  •  map mp_4gf_jump

- Rules -

#4 - Respect each other.
-> No swearing or racism of any kind is tolerated on our server. Also no flaming/spamming.
Punishment: 1) Kick; 2) 3 hours Tempban; 3) 1 week Tempban; 4) Permanent ban.

#6 - No advertising.
-> Don't advertise for other CoD4 servers.
Punishment: 1) 15 min Tempban; 2) 1 month Tempban; 3) Permanent ban.

#7 - Don't annoy admins.
-> Don't repeatedly ask for stuff like map change, kicking/banning someone, and all admin-related stuff.
Overall, don't tell admins what their job is, they know it well enough.
Punishment: 1) Kick; 2) 5 min Tempban; 3) 30 min Tempban; 4) 1 day Tempban.

- Example CoDJumper Video -