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3xP' Codjumper Stock Maps

Welcome on the 3xP Codjumper STOCK MAPS Server. 
This Server contains the all the original cod4 stock maps +  nuketown.

Some time ago we started the server to give the stock map jumpers the best jumping experience.
Since the start of the server we are holding good contact to stock map jumpers,
and they also help us to improve the server even more.

On this server EVERYONE can use the features needed to play stock maps properly without waiting time or any
special permission. 

Everyone can use noclip on the server: activate/deactivate it by pressing use + nade, 
fly fast by pressing use while in ufo-mode and fly slow by pressing nade while in ufo-mode.

Antiblock is deactivated on the server so stock map jumpers can perform block-jumps too.