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3xP' Promod SNIP

Welcome on the 3xP Sniper-Only server. This is for all of you who hate pressing the left mouse button and the bullets spray out. This is for the once with the perfect aim in the right moment. Show your skills and fight on the typical cod4 stock maps plus nuketown. 


The server comes with a unique mod with features only snipers (like r700 and m4a1), no knives and an empty deagle. So it's just you and your scope. It has also a set of unique killstreaks
You can show your skills in the game types "free-for-all" and "team-deathmatch".


At the end of each round there will be a one-in-the-chamber match between the two top players of each team. In FFA it will be the first and the third place who will match up.


Feel free to join and start sniping like hell on this server. No Ak's or Aku's will cross your way so you can play your favorite weapon without any trouble.