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3xP' KilltheKing

Kill the King is an awesome mod for CoD4:Modern Warfare. It was first realeased in the early summer of 2012.

The name pretty much explains the gameplay. A king is randomly chosen at a beginning of a round, and a few assassins will try to kill him, by bypassing the guards protecting him, or killing them to make them come to their side and grow their team while reducing the king's protection.

This mod features new weapons and pretty neat killstreaks, along with other great new stuff we'll talk about in the Guide just below.

- KTK Guide -


Each map lasts for 10 rounds. At the beginning of each round, an assassin, a dog and a king are randomly picked. All other players are guards and have to protect the king.
As guard, if you get killed by assassins, you become an assassin as well and now have to try to kill the king.
The king has to survive the whole round to win.

-Important information-

*If you get killed by the king, you will spawn as guard in his team.
*Reviving a teammate who is in last stand gives you an extra life as guard (not stackable).
*As guard you begin with a pistol, but each time you kill an assassin you can press USE [default F] to upgrade your weapon.
*Assassins spawn with a random weapon among a variety of sniper rifles and close range weapons, except the first assassin who has a crossbow and explosive arrows.

-Additional information-

*A terminator is randomly picked among the guards at a certain time of each round to protect the king.
*This mod includes new killstreaks. Last one is AC130, earned for 20 kills in a row.
*You cannot be in Last Stand twice in a row (you will die directly the second time).
*Prestige: Once you’ve reached level 55, and you have completely filled the XP bar of this level (“Golden” bar at the bottom of the screen), press B [or any key “quick chat” is assigned to for you], enter the player menu, and click “Enter prestige”. One prestige gives you one point.
*Unlockables section: You can use points you earn from prestiges to get perks, abilities and weapons. Press Esc and go to the “unlockables” section to see more.
*Never EVER run to your teammates with an explosive arrow stuck on you. That’s bad, bad, bad. Very bad. No, seriously, that’s bad. Actually it’s against the gameplay, you are supposed to protect the king, not to kill him or his guards.


3xP' server unique feature: when you have an explosive arrow stuck on you, hold F to defuse it (as King only).

- Various information -


RC-Car ~ 3 kills

Poison Gas Grenade ~ 4 kills

Care Package ~ 5 kills

Airstrike ~ 7 kills

Mortars ~ 10 kills

Manned Chopper ~ 15 kills

AC130 ~ 20 kills

Predator missile ~ 9 kills

Turret ~ 12 kills

Nuke/MOAB ~ 45 kills

Note: The number of kills required is subject to slight changes.


Here is the stuff you can unlock with your prestiges points, in addition to the regular perks.

Passive abilities:

They all cost 2 points.

1. Speedy King

This will increase your speed from 0.8 to 1.0 as King.

2. Medic

You will stay longer in Last Stand with this ability, furthermore you'll be able to revive your teammates quicker.

3. Prematur

You will skip the first weapon stage as guard. You'll start directly with the 2nd weapon (Desert Eagle).

4. Hardliner

Killstreak rewards will be available 1 kill earlier.
For instance you will earn the RC-Car after 2 kills instead of 3.

5. Survivant

As King, you will appear to your teammates as a regular player on the minimap (no golden circle around you). For experienced players only!


Cost vary from 2 to 3 points for 1 unit.

1. Crossbow

You'll get a crossbow with 2 to 4 arrows, in addition to your other weapons (as guard).

2. Claymore

You'll get 1 to 3 claymores (as guard).

3. Grenade

You'll be able to throw 1 to 3 frag grenades (as guard).

4. Knives

You'll be able to throw 1 to 3 knives (as guard).

5. Poison Grenade

You'll get 1 to 3 poison gas grenades, which will slow down and damage opponents in its release area for several seconds.

-Prestiges Icons-

Kill the King features 55 prestiges.

Here they are:

- Map rotation -

Maps which will appear in the vote:

  • mp_convoy
  • mp_crash
  • mp_crash_snow
  • mp_strike
  • mp_highrise
  • mp_castle_v1
  • mp_legotown
  • mp_bazaar
  • (mp_compact)
  • mp_nuketown
  • mp_poolday
  • mp_uprise
  • mp_meanstreet2
  • mp_nuketown
  • lolzor2
  • mp_4t4scrap
  • mp_aosta_valley
  • mp_beta
  • mp_burgundy_bulls
  • (mp_ctan)
  • mp_firingrange_v2
  • mp_lpost
  • mp_luna
  • mp_southpark
  • (mp_killhouse)
  • mp_showdown
  • mp_cargoship
  • maze1
  • mp_modern_rust
  • mp_shipment2
  • lolzor
  • mp_lalus_poolday
  • mp_grinder
  • (mp_toujane_v2)
  • mp_carentan
  • mp_slide

Note: This list is not up to date.

- Rules -

#1 - No spawncamp.
-> Don't spawncamp the guards.
Punishment: 1) Kick; 2) 30 min Tempban; 3) 1 day Tempban; 4) 1 week Tempban.

#2 - No harmful glitching.
-> It means, not going outside the map, no elevators.
Punishment: 1) Kick; 2) 30 min Tempban; 3) 1 day Temban; 4) 1 week Tempban.

#3 - No cheating.
-> Obviously, zero tolerance for any kind of cheats.
Punishment: 1) Permanent Ban.

#4 - Respect each other.
-> No swearing or racism of any kind is tolerated on our server. Also no flaming/spamming.
Punishment: 1) Kick; 2) 3 hours Tempban; 3) 1 week Tempban; 4) Permanent ban.

#5 - English or German only.
-> English and German are the only languages accepted on our server.
Punishment: 1) Kick; 2) 10 min Tempban; 3) 1 hour Tempban; 4) 1 day Tempban.

#6 - No advertising.
-> Don't advertise for other CoD4 servers.
Punishment: 1) 15 min Tempban; 2) 1 month Tempban; 3) Permanent ban.

#7 - Don't annoy admins.
-> Don't repeatedly ask for stuff like map change, kicking/banning someone, and all admin-related stuff.
Overall, don't tell admins what their job is, they know it well enough.
Punishment: 1) Kick; 2) 5 min Tempban; 3) 30 min Tempban; 4) 1 day Tempban.

Note: If it goes further than (4), repeat action (4)

- Making backups of your rank -

There are a lot of prestiges in Kill the King. It would be sad to earn a lot and lose them because of some stupid bug, erasing your PC data, changing PC, or things like that.

So I invite you to make backups of your profile data. This is a very easy thing to do.

To make so:

1) Go to your CoD4 installation folder in program files.
The path should be (it may change a bit depending on your OS):
C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare

2) Copy and paste the "players" folder, which will save all your ranks for all your mods and all profiles at once (paste it to a safe place, like a USB key, HDD, Cloud...).

3) If for any reason you lose your data/prestige, go to your saved "players" folder. Find the file named "mpdata" in the 3xP' Kill the King mod folder.
For me the path would be: "players\profiles\UFaced\mods\^13xp_^1k^3ill^1t^3he^1k^3ing" (obviously your name won't be UFaced though).
Copy that file, and paste it to the right place in your CoD4 folder in program files (For me the path would be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\players\profiles\UFaced\mods\^13xp_^1k^3ill^1t^3he^1k^3ing).

Also remember you have to use always the same CD key. If you change key and join the server, it will say your stats have been reinitialized.

If you've read all of that stuff, it's now time for you to get back on our server

and have a great time!