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3xP' Nuketown

Welcome on the 3xP Nuketown Server. Nuketown is a map original released in Black Ops 1 witch got reworked for CoD4. It is a typical American city in the 1960 witch was built for nuke testing’s.

Join the fight on this well-made Map and test your skills in the game types "teamdeathmatch" and "search and destroy".

The server comes with some unique weapon camo based on the asiimov camos in cs:go. It was made by 3xP' Virus exclusive for the 3xP Clan. Features Weapons are the two scopes plus the ak47, aku 74 and the desert eagle.

Some specials things about the mod are the unique countdown at the start of each round and the knife fight after the matches, this will be a one on one between the two top players of each team.

The Server is a highly played one and you can see clan members playing on it very often.

Feel free to join and play against other peoples on this well-made map. Your statistics will be recorded and you can easily check them and compare your skill to others.